Global Device Manager


One Software for Managing Your IoT Devices

MACH10 Global Device Manager is a ready-to-use, on-premise and cloud-hosted software that enables operational visibility and centralized management of your connected devices. Through a single software, MACH10 Global Device Manager allows you and your customers to maintain the health, connectivity and security of your products remotely on any device.

Overview for Global Device Manager

Onboard Devices Quickly Using a Few Simple API Calls

MACH10 Global Device Manager eliminates the need to spend time, budget and resources on integrating third-party management software into your devices. Adding your devices to Global Device Manager is easy and requires only a few simple API calls to Lantronix gateways, preserving current investments.


Perform Remote Maintenance with a Few Mouse Clicks

Efficiently deliver security updates, fix issues and run large-scale maintenance operations for multiple sites with just a few mouse clicks. You can perform a single reboot, firmware update or push out a custom configuration file to one or thousands of installations in any location.


Get Notified of Issues Before They Become Incidents

For faster incident response times, device telemetry events can be configured to alert support teams when critical issues arise. Create rules and set up event triggers to send SMS, email and push notifications to specified recipients in real time.


Locate Devices Quickly with Instant Search

Find your devices by their names, status, location tags or other attributes. Groups can be created using fine resolution search criteria to locate large deployments in a specific region.


Visualize Device Data for Added Insight

MACH10 Global Device Manager’s enhanced data visualization capability provides added levels of insight to extend the life of your devices, reducing the total cost of ownership for your products. Users can create custom dashboards and charts to analyze device telemetry data, spot anomalies and make improvements in real time.


Deliver a Customized Experience with Your Own Branding

You can customize MACH10 Global Device Manager with a look and feel that engages your customers and is consistent with your corporate standards. Simply upload your brand’s logos, privacy policies and terms of service.



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