WiFi Module


PRICE: IDR 321.200  Buy

WizFi310 offers a quick, easy, and cost-effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add WiFi capabilities to their products


PRICE: IDR 521.400  Buy

WizFi310-EVB is a Evaluation board for WizFi310.


PRICE: IDR 416.900  Buy

WizFi250 is a small size WiFi module featuring 802.11b/g and 802.11n.


PRICE: IDR 1.021.900  Buy

WizFi250-EVB is a Evaluation board for WizFI250.


PRICE: IDR 471.900  Buy

The newest modification of this module is a version with a „H“ suffix marking a version with a pin-header.

WizFi Shield

PRICE: IDR 921.800  Buy

WizFi Shield utilizes fully certified WizFi210 wifi module to provide your Arduino with wireless capability

WizFi310 Shield

PRICE: IDR 521.400  Buy

WizFi310 Shield is a Shield with built-in WizFi310 WiFi module of WIZnet