Gateway Central™


A Simple, Scalable, and Secure Way to Manage Lantronix IoT Gateways

Lantronix Gateway Central is a secure, cloud-based device management service for the Lantronix IoT embedded and external device gateways. Powered by Lantronix MACH10® IoT software platform, Lantronix Gateway Central offers remote monitoring and maintenance of large IoT connectivity deployments using Lantronix IoT gateways, dramatically reducing field support costs and downtime while improving customer satisfaction.

Powerful Monitoring of IoT Connectivity at Scale

Lantronix Gateway Central receives IoT connectivity data from Lantronix IoT gateways and renders it into dashboards and actionable insights to maximize the uptime and performance of your fleet of gateways. This cloud based device management service offers configurable real-time alerts and notifications to keep key personnel informed.

Remote Configuration & Firmware Updates

This cloud based device management service enables remote configuration and firmware updates for Lantronix IoT gateways. Using the Google-like search, gateways can be grouped by several properties. Configuration and firmware updates can be scheduled per group to maximize flexibility. Dashboards show the status and distribution of configuration and firmware update tasks.

Supports All Lantronix IoT Gateways

Lantronix Gateway Central is designed to offer cloud based device management services that work seamlessly with all Lantronix IoT gateways, including:

Lantronix Gateway Central is Perfect For:

  • End users and system integrators using Lantronix IoT gateways who want to reduce their maintenance costs including on-site visits by using a remote centralized management tool.
  • System integrators who want to enhance the end-user’s product life cycle experience.

The Bottom Line

Manage your installed based of Lantronix gateways more effectively and reduce your support and maintenance costs with a seamless cloud based device management service developed exclusively for Lantronix portfolio of IoT gateways.

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