Industrial-grade and low-power BLE module

Low-power broadcast mode with average current 800uA

Hibernate mode with average current 500nA

Standby mode with average current 3mA

WH-BLE102 is low-power and industrial-grade BLE module with various functions.

Ultra-low power consumption:

Power consumption

WH-BLE102 supports low-power broadcast mode with average current 800uA, hibernate mode with average current 500nA and standby mode with average current 3mA. BLE102 also supports various waking up ways.


In low-power broadcast mode, life of button battery CR2477 can reach two years. 


Super remote transmission distance:

Fast signal transmission speed and maximum transmission distance can reach 100meters.

Through practical test, in the condition of no barrier and maximum transmitting power(+8dBm), transmission distance between two BLE102 can reach 100 meters.

When BLE102 communicates with other Bluetooth devices, the communication distance will be greatly affected because of the limitation of other Bluetooth devices’ transmission distance.


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