Introduction of RS232 / RS485 GSM Modem

USR-GPRS232-730 GSM Modem / GPRS DTU (Data Transfer Unit) is a wireless terminal equipment which can convert serial data to IP data or convert IP data to serial data through gprs /GSM network. 730 is based on USR-GM3. Clients can use this product to realize bidirectional transparent transmission from serial port to network through simple AT command.


Features of RS232 / RS485 GSM Modem

  • RS232 or RS485 interface, can’t be used at one time
  • 2G Frequency: GSM850/900,DCS1800/1900, 2G GSM/GPRS
  • Work Mode: TCP and UDP Client
  • Supports register packet and heartbeat packet
  • Can be remote configurated via SMS
  • Support multi work modes : SMS transmission mode,network transmission mode and HTTPD mode
  • Support basic instruction set and extension instruction set
  • Hardware flow control RTS/CTS


Functions of RS232 / RS485 GSM Modem

Network Transmission

Bidirectional transparent transmission between modem and network

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