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Basic version of the WiFi module WizFi250 from company WizNet is probably familiar to you from our article WizFi250 - WiFi quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The newest modification of this module is a version with a „H“ suffix marking a version with a pin-header.

As you already may suspect, it is a version intended for development, as the module doesn´t have to be soldered to a baseboard (by means of hot-air reflow). WizFi250-H can be beneficial not only for development, but also for usage in a target device, where it isn´t necessary to maintain the lowest possible construction height (baseboard + WiFi module). At the same time, this combination enables to assemble another components on a baseboard - below the WiFi module.

From the construction point of view, the WizFi250-H module is solved as a combination of the WizFi250 module with a small PCB with 2x double pin header (1.25mm). As for other features, the module is identical to the original module, that´s why they have the same datasheet WizFi250. WizFi250H can be used with the WizFi250-EVB development board. We bring you a comparison of both versions - with and without a pin header on attached pictures. 

Features :

  • easily applicable Wi-Fi module - without soldering
  • serial UART and SPI interface
  • simple AT commands
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • easy configuration through a built-in web server


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